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Paper Palace
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Welcome to our web site!

Hey everyone! I finally got a Paper Palace site up and ready to be seen! So now you can all see what I've been up to, and view it all on the site.

I created a Paper Palace site so that everyone could see what my product line is for Paper Palace. I've been making all kinds of things at home for years, and have finally decided to try to market some of it.

Since I am putting pictures of everything up on the site, and will continue to add more photos as time goes on, you can check back to see what I've been up to.

If you like what you see, you can always e-mail me, because I DO take orders, and would be glad to help you out.

The Product Line...


The Starflower cards are just one of our many unique products that can be viewed on the site.
Please get in touch to offer comments, ask questions, or make an order!
You can e-mail us at: